Your Daily Habits

Your Daily Habits

Well done, almost there! 

Now that you have your quarterly goals set, then it is just about deciding on what is the one thing that you will do every single day of the week, and thus implement as a solid habit which will make sure that you get to your goal. Again, pay particular attention to the Achievability and Relevance aspects to keep your expectations to yourself realistic and to keep the connection from daily activities to your overall vision, through your three month goals.

The idea here is breaking down your vision into small chunks, so that you are working actively towards your vision every single day of your life in a way that you are convinced will bring you to your quarterly goal, which will in turn bring you to your vision.

Therefore, you need to decude upon one habit in each of the three P’s which you will implement in your life and track that you do it every single day. This is a central pillar in all of our work in Core. If we are supporting each other in implementing our daily habits, and we know that those habits are supporting us in reaching our short term goals, which in turn are moving us towards our long term vision, then we can be confident that we are building a better future together. 

Take time to reflect over your quarterly goal. Think about what you are doing right now every day regarding the three Ps. 

And then answer the question:  What do I need to do every day for the next three months in order to be confident I am will achieve my quarterly goal?“.

Again the goes: “What is the one thing that I could in the area of [Practice/People/Purpose] every single day  which by doing it, everything else becomes easier or unneccessary?”

The answer to this question will give you the three habits that you will be working on for the next three months. Of course you may need to change your habits over the course of the three months to adjust for difficulty. But we recommend making a plan and sticking to it as much as possible. 

If we were to take the example above, then we could set the following tactics: 

Practice tactic: Go for a run or a walk of at least 15 mins every day.

People tactic: Read 10 pages every day.

Purpose tactic: Write in my journal for at least 5 mins every day.

Now it’s your turn!

Implement in HabitShare

In order to track your three habits, we recommend using the app Habitshare (iOS and Android)

The app allows you to set up each habit so that you can easily track it every single day and also share your progress with other men on Core, so that you can hold each other accountable.