The adventure never ends…

Core is where The Maniphesto Way can be undertaken in a daily, supportive network within your team. The Maniphesto Way is to call men to adventure and support them in undertaking a hero’s journey through meaningful collaboration with other men.

We know this process is not easy – and that there will always be a new call to answer!

Once we’ve conquered one goal (or learned something in the process of aiming for it), there will always be something in the shadows we are looking to shine a light on, bring out into the open and tackle with our bare hands.

In aiming for three-month goals, it’s important to come back to this process every quarter in order to evaluate:

  • What were my goals for this quarter?
  • Have I achieved them?
  • If I haven’t why not? Were they the right goals, or was there at least some learning I can take forward

And of course…

  • What are my goals for the next quarter?

This process set out within this Core Team Basics course allows you to revisit these questions. It may be you don’t need to fully reimagine you’re whole future next time, but checking in with your vision, your goals and your habits is vital to ensure you keep moving forward in your purpose so you can give your gifts to the world. 

Once we’ve achieved a goal, we know what is possible and we thrive when we have something in our life to aim for. 

So, remember to return here each quarter to redefine what the most important things exist in your life that demand your attention and demand action! Remember, you can trust that your Core Team are there to support you all year-round to take that action and be the hero of your own story!

Best of luck.