Every man needs a fellowship

Can you hear the call?

From King Arthur and his Knights to Jason and the Argonauts, for thousands of years, the most inspirational tales of the greatest heroes do not tread the path of their adventures alone. There is a reason why such adventurers and their deeds stand the test of time and move something deep within the heart of every man – their company of men keeps them steady and on task, whilst each man offers his own unique gifts within his own quest.

Becoming a member of Core is a sign that you’re ready to answer that call. To accept the invitation to discover your own adventure within the supportive fellowship of a group of men. 

So, get connected to your Core Team to help you discover what’s meaningful to you and uncover the value of fellowship; the support that you’ll need to level-up your life and find deep meaning itself by supporting others in their journey.

Join your team

Within the group of Maniphesto Core, your own Core Team will be listed. Request Access to your team if you are not already a member so you can access all the materials unique to you and your team. 

Team Charter and Commitments

Every team on Core has a team charter and a number of commitments. Make sure that you understand your team’s charter and are updated on the requirements for being a member.


In order to show you are fully committed to the team, you’ll be asked to perform a ritual or task that EVERY new member will have gone and will have to go through. You’ll be going through a selection of your own life challenges with your Core Team, make no mistake. By sharing the experience of completing this task, we guarantee this will not only increase your sense of belonging to the team, but it’s a great base of trust that the rest of your team know you can deliver that sense of trust and support to the group in return.

With an understanding of what is expected of you from your team, you have the foundation and support that increases the chances of success for what is the first task of this quest: your vision!