Core Member Feedback

  1. The Maniphesto 5 Step Process
  2. All of our work in Maniphesto is about taking men along a 5 step process. Our mission is to inspire men with our vision and then take them to a place of leadership. Here are the 5 steps:
    1. Awareness of the Maniphesto vision
    2. Engagement with the network
    3. Commitment to Fellowship
    4. Contribution by joining Crew
    5. Conciliarity through Leadership

    As a member of Core, you have already passed through step 1 and and will be somewhere between step 2 (a completely new member) and step 5 (a member of the leadership team). 

    We have created an even more detailed process for Core members. To help us get an overview of our current members, we would like to ask you to read the detailed process below, and rate your own current status.

2. Engagement with the network

2.1 Signed up for Core
2.2 Engaged with Core Integration Training / Quick Start Training
2.3 Attended a Friday meeting
2.4 Have visited at least one Core Team
2.5 Experienced Core as safe, well held community with other men sharing openly and authentically as well as being inspired by other men’s lives

3. Commitment to Fellowship

3.1 Feels accepted and able to share openly on one’s own life, and specifically unresolved challenges one is facing, and issues one is confused about.3.2 Joined a team
3.3 Completed team initiation ritual
3.4 Made specific personal connections with individual men in the team outside of the team call
3.5 Has formulated initial rough vision
3.6 Has formulated quarterly goals, habits and committed to accountability
3.7 Has developed a meaningful and coherent personal vision
3.8 Has translated vision into meaningful and coherent quarterly goals and daily habits
3.9 Is an asset and contributor for the members of the team, inspiring and lifting the others
3.10 Has taken on a team responsibility (fx team contact, hand, accountability tracking)
3.11 Offers constructive input on and contributes to improvements on team processes and structure
3.12 Has been through at least two iterations of vision and goal setting review and moving towards more integrated, clear and compelling goals.
3.13 Has facilitated a team meeting

4. Contribution by joining Crew

4.1 Has been offered constructive feedback on their facilitation and able to implement this
4.2 Representing team on Core Team Leader meetings
4.3 Engages in conversations on team issues, support other team members who need more support and bring resources that help them manage to get through challenges
4.4 Has taken a Crew/Facilitator role at the European Men’s Gathering
4.5 Signed up for Leadership Development Framework
4.6 Completed Leadership Development Framework

Having read the list the above, please write the number of the level you are currently on yourself.


Including chapters on:

  • Why men’s work?
  • Working with transformational spaces
  • How to start your own group
  • Meeting structure and elements
  • Pitfalls and defence mechanisms
  • Practical tools and self assessment worksheet

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